Journal №2
Legal Challenges of Personal Data Protection During the Processing of Big Data
∘ Zviad Gabisonia ∘


In the rapidly evolving landscape of modern technologies, the scale of Big Data processing is on the rise, presenting a challenge to the legal protection of personal data. Big data processing serves as the "fuel" for modern technologies, including artificial intelligence. "Big data" is a well-established term in information technology science, and its official definition is nearly nonexistent. According to the most widely recognized definition, this term refers to a large dataset, whose collection, management, and processing significantly surpasses the capacities of traditional databases and their corresponding programs. The article explores the legal protection of personal data in the processing of big data, using the legal frameworks of two of the most technologically advanced countries, the USA and China, as examples. The article illustrates the positive and negative factors associated with the expansion of big data processing concerning personal data protection.

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