Ethical Policy

Ethical principles are determined to conduct the publication activities of the Journal in accordance with academic integrity, to prevent and respond appropriately to unethical behavior. Ethical principles apply to all persons participating in the publication process of the Journal.

The publishing activities of the Journal are carried out in compliance with the principles of independence, fairness, integrity, impartiality, restriction of conflict of interest, confidentiality, academic freedom and competence. Conflicts of interest shall be declared by the person involved in the publishing activities within a reasonable time, immediately after the conflict of interest is detected. In such a case, the publishing process will be conducted without the participation of the concerned person. A person participating in the publishing process is obliged to observe confidentiality and not disclose information related to publishing activities, and in the case of inability to perform, the Editorial Board of the Journal shall be informed within a reasonable time in writing.

The author can act within the scope of academic freedom by adhering to the editorial policies of the Journal, the standard of academic integrity and the principles of ethics. The paper submitted for publication shall not contain discriminatory text, hate speech, unethical assessments, abusive or derogatory opinions, as well as personal criticism. The content of the paper must be developed by respecting the right to privacy of third parties and protecting their personal data.

By submitting the paper for publication, the author confirms the academic integrity of the paper and the proper citation of authentic scientific sources. In case of using or appropriating the research/publication/academic work of third parties without relevant citations and references, as well as the discovery of false information after the publication of the paper, the author is responsible in accordance with the legislation of Georgia.


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