Publishing of the Paper

The Journal of Personal Data Protection Law is published twice a year, in the form of two independent Georgian and English-language issues. In order to strengthen the internationalization component, each issue of the Journal combines the scholarly papers of Georgian and foreign authors.

The following authors are authorized to submit a paper for publication:

  • Professorship, academic staff members, visiting lecturers of Georgian and foreign Universities, scientific-research institutions, along with the Ph.D. students, Master and Doctoral degree holders;
  • Legal practitioners of the field;
  • Authors other than those above who prepare a publication upon the request/invitation of the member of the Editorial Board.

The scientific sources used in the paper submitted for publication must be indicated in accordance with the academic citation standards and guidelines for bibliography. At the stage of preparation of the paper, it is advisable to use relevant foreign sources.

The content of the paper submitted for publication must be consistent with the objectives of the Journal and editorial policy. The author has the right to independently determine the content of a scientific paper and the subject of research. The paper can be published anonymously without specifying the author's personal data. Within a reasonable time before publishing the paper in a Journal, the author has the right to withdraw the paper on the basis of a written application to the Editorial Board of the Journal and refuse to publish it. The author is responsible, in the case of dispute over copyright by a third party.

Consent for publication implies publishing the submitted paper without further changes or with a slight alteration made by the author per the recommendations of reviewers and editors. At the same time, the academic work should not be fully or partially published and/or submitted for further publication in another source. The decision to publish the paper is notified to the author in writing via the Journal's official e-mail address. The Journal acquires copyright in the academic paper for the purpose and scope of its publishing activity, although the author retains non-property copyright in work.

In the case of refusal to publish, the corresponding conclusion is sent to the author, based on his request, observing the principle of anonymity of the reviewers.

The Journal is published in printed and electronic forms and is publicly available to interested parties. Publishing a scientific paper in the Journal of Personal Data Protection is free of charge.


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